Referrals and Consultative/Liaison Inquires

Faxed referrals and patient information can be sent to +1 (520) 600-0612 (HIPAA compliant). Please contact directly at the HIPAA compliant encrypted email to discusses referral and/or collaboration.

Please review the fees and practice overview. I accept referrals based on availability in areas of specialization. I am also available for consultative case discussions, coordination, advisory, supervisory and consulting.

International Credentialing Advisory

I provide advisory, guidance and assistance with successfully initiating and obtaining mental health practitioner credentialing and certification in the EU/UK, North America (Canada/US), Southern Africa and Australian/New Zealand regions. I have undergone various credentialing, certification and assessment processes for psychotherapists and psychologists in North America, United Kingdom (EU) and Australia.


I provide collaborative consultation and supervision to spectrum healthcare professionals including mid level and advanced practitioners within my areas of expertise, specialties and scope of practice. I advise on more complicated case presentations including comorbid/co-occuring cases with spectrum emotion, mood, personality, feeding and executive function concerns (BPD, BP, etc).

This further includes supervision areas specialized to family law, co-parenting, child custody cases/evaluations and foster/state care systems. This includes issues such as ethical, moral and sociolegal aspects as concerned with psychological/psychiatric practice in interface to various contexts. Please note I am not sub-specialized in forensic psychology. However, I have experience, training and knowledge within the various Common Law legal contexts, systems and structures as particularly concerning family and child system orientations to ideological, sociolegal and ethical relating to psychological and psychiatric practice.

Legal, Health and Allied Professionals

I provide consultations, advisory, supervision, guidance, assessment, coaching and testimony in collaboration with legal professionals, courts/tribunals, governments, community organizations, healthcare and similarly situated within scope of practice and expertise. I provide guidance, training, coaching, assessment, advisory and expert testimony to courts and legal professionals navigating complex cases. This includes cases involving the need for assessment and evaluation and advisory on navigating spectrum co-occurring concerns such as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Bipolar Disorder (BP I/II, etc), substance abuse disorders and interrelated complex psychotic disorders, among other concerns.