Initial Consultation (10 minutes): No charge

Initial Intake (1-1.5 hours): $400 USD**

Individual (40-45 mins): Standard Fee is $250. Sliding Scale is $150-400 USD*

Group/Family Therapy (40-45 mins): $290-400 USD*

*Sliding scale range based on the ability to pay. Fees may be reduced for regular sessions. Contact to discuss.

**The initial intake includes a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment and evaluation occurring over 2-3 meetings, review of documents, requests of records, collaboration with providers telephonically/electronically and the development of a highly targetted and comprehensive treatment plan.

Evaluations and Assessments: Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), ADD/ADHD, Developmental Behavioral and Neuropsychiatric concerns, etc: $400 Screening 1-1.5 hours, $1,200 USD Initial Assessment Intake 3-3.5 hours, Follow up 15-25 mins $150 USD and 40-45 mins $350 USD. Typically most assessments including ADOS-2, CARS-2, Cognitive, Intellectual and Academic can generally be completed in 3-4 appts in addition to report writing, case management, external observations such as in school, review of existing records, etc). Please contact to discuss.

Behavioral Health Coaching: $250-400 USD per 40-45 mins session

ADHD/Executive Function Coaching: Intake Screening with Existing Diagnosis, $400 USD, Flat fee of $400-1,500 USD per month (1.5-4 hours)

Organizational/Executive Coaching: $3,500+ USD per month

Consultation/Supervision: $150-250 USD per 40-45 mins

Case Management: (such as DCFS, schools, clinics, treatment centers, required travel, responding to emails/phone calls, crises response, etc): Prorated at $400 USD per hour

Preparation and Participation in Legal Proceedings: Starting at $800 USD per hour with $5,000 advance retainer required

Patient and Client Focus

I accept adult clients 18+ for short solution-focused therapy, longer-term expansive concerns and for assessment/evaluations. I have specialized training and focus in intimate/marriage relationships, family systems, life transitions, international relocations and psychopathology concerns including disordered eating, mood, personality, executive function (ADD/ADHD, learning, etc) and multi-cultural/LGBTQ2S+ relationship concerns.

Children, Teen, Adolescents and Emerging Adults

I accept patients 12 months+ (1 year) and older for treatment, assessment and/or evaluation as appropriate. The primary approach I employ with younger children where indicated is eclectic play, art, sensory and nature-oriented therapies in addition to Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), Triple P Parenting, Executive Function/Social-Emotional and Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy (MDFT).

I accept cash, credit, debit, check, personal check, HSA/FSA card, payment plans and ESA state funds. I do not provide a “Superbill” and I do not bill nor work with any insurance at this time. You are responsible for all fees upfront and may be reimbursed by your insurance provider if applicable. Fees are due in accordance with the signed informed consent which is subject to change at any time by provider judgement and choice. Coaching services are not mental health treatment and therefore are not reimbursement by insurance providers. In accordance with the United States Good Faith Estimate and No Surprises Act, informed consent, routine disclosure and transparent cost of services is provided.